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A & M Aviaries Achates Avians
ALLmacaws Angelfire
Aves International- exotic birds Beaks Birdhouse
Bignest Aviary Birdfarm A.K.V. Ringnecke
Cheerful Chatter Aviary Cockatiel Secrets
D-Lynn's Luv's Emerald Forest Bird Gardens
For the Birds and More Fox's Feather Farm
Heaven's Birds Hex Aviary
Hookbill Haven Aviary House of Crests
Judy Leach's Parrot Babies Kinary Aviaries
Little Angel's Aviary Majestic Aviary
Parrotlet Breeders - Little Tweet Shady Pines Aviary
Paridise Perch  
American Singer Canaries Big Bend Bird Club
Bay Area Cage Bird Club Madison Area Cagebird Association of Wisconsin
Parrot Fanciers Club Parrot Society of Australia Inc
Pigeons of Russia Raleigh Durham Caged Bird Society
Tri-State Avian Society Wings & Things Exotic Bird Club
Canadian Parrot Symposium (CPS) Morning Star Expositions
Always Healthy People and Pets Harmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets
Veterinary Associates Stonefield  
50 Rarest Birds of the World 50birds
Atualidades Ornitológicas Australian Birdkeeper Publications
Bird Life Online Birding Guide
BirdsnWays Brazilian Bird News Eclectus Land of Vos
Indian Ringneck Parakeets & Love Birds Parrot Talk Connection
Parrots are Perfect Pets articles photos games eg Pet Bird Health FAQ
Pet Birds! Plannedparrothood
The Cockatiel Store The Wolds Most Intelligent Talking Bird
Up At Six WeCare Aviary
Winged Wisdom Magazine Wonderful world of Sun Conures
Your World of Birds magazine Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching
Always Remembered Pet Memorials An Exotic Wood Dream
Avian and Pet Portraits by Cherie Avian Art
Bird Barn Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Galaxie of Birds Hyacinth Haven
It's Up In The Air Art Pets on the Net (NZ Lost & Found Pets/Birds)
The Melon Patch Wild Macaws
My Home Page
Bird's Lover from Indonesia Ceasar The African Grey
Conure's Perch Feathers to Treasure at Willis' Landing Lori's Menagerie
parrots from holland-vogelvreugd bergentheim Shars Nest
The Happy Hookbill Homepage  
Pet Shops
Animal Lovers Pet Shop Bird Posters and Prints
Birds & More Petsforyou
Rescue Groups
Bird Haven Christines Happy Home Avery Rescue
Fauna Rescue Of South Australia Incorporated Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS)
Parrot Education and Adoption Center Parrots First
Southeast Texas Avian Rescue The Gabriel Foundation
The Parrot Protection Agency  
Feathered Nest Foundation/Phoenix Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
The Priceless Parrot Preserve Inc.  
...and Feathers Bird Studio Acrylic Bird Cages
Acrylic Bird Cages America's Finest Pet Doors - Patio Pacific, Inc
Avian Heat Portable Brooders Avi-Sci, Inc. Dr. D's Pellets
Avian Publications AviMate Breeder Management Software
Bird Breeding Software ZooEasy Bird Cages 4 Less
Bird-Zerk Birds & Branches/Bird Barn
Country Feather Bird Cages Custom Bird Cage Covers/Bird Toys
Dietec UK - Specalist Avian Supplies Dr G's Unique Pet and Vet Products
Exotic Enclosures FeatherBrite
Flying South Bird Toys and Supplies G&K Exotic Farms
GlobalPets GuavaPerch Co.
King Solomon Cages Lafeber Company
Outback Aviary Palace Cages
Pet Supplies Piper's Piece - exotic birds and supplies
PureAyre Odor Eliminator (Food-Grade Safe) Rob Harvey Zoological Supplies
We Shoot Birds Photography & Greeting Cards World Class Pet Supplies
A Bird Toy All Bird Toys
Beakapoo Toys Big Beaks Bird Toys
Bird Toy Outlet Bird-E-Toys Online Store
Byrdbell Company California Bird Nerds
Feather Fantasy Get Bird Stuff.Com Pet Bird Supply
Nalani Toys Parrot Pleasures: Toys of Distinction
Smart Bird Toys  


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