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Bird Patrollers, this is your page. We will update you on what's happening and put in any comments you wish to send to other Bird Patrollers. (Check out this page often.)
Thanks for all you are doing, it's already making a difference. Together we are going to bring home all those little lost and frightened birds.

Remember to send us your NEW EMAIL ADDRESS if you make a change. We have lost contact with a few of you already because of bad email addresses. If you haven't heard from us lately, and you have changed your email address, notify us with your new address. If you haven't heard from us in a month, we probably have somehow messed up your email address so check with us. If you are new and haven't received your flyer within 2 weeks you probably gave us a bad email address.

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New Comments Will Be Placed First

Deb wanted to pass this on: This is a great time to recommend to people to wear their bird HotLine shirts when vacationing. I went along with my folks to New England this past week. As I usually do when I have to leave Alex at the Parrot Sitter's, I stopped by a few pet shops to bring him home some new toys/treats/perches. I wore my Bird HotLine T-shirt to each pet store, and in each case, the owner of the shop asked me to stay long enough for them to jot down the web address of Bird HotLine. Luckily, I also packed a few BHL posters, too, to distribute. ;-) Deb

Marilyn (another one of us Bird HotLine Bird Patrollers) had the same idea: I have been away on vacation and I did bring my T-shirt with me and wore it all over Boston! I went to several pet stores who quickly took down the web sight address! Many people stopped me on the street in Boston to ask about the Bird HotLine and the Bird Patrol! Thank you so much for caring about birds and maintaining the web sight.

Valerie one of our first Bird Patrollers, has come up with another great idea: Hi Everyone...I just found a *great* new way to find lost and found birds. My newspaper is internet connected. I know that many of you have newspapers that are internet connected, too. I found my newspaper at and clicked on the link to Classifieds, then clicked on the link to Notices and Services for Today, and then clicked on Lost and Found. When I got it, I made the San Diego Union/Tribune the Lost and Found page my home page. This way, as soon as I log on every day I can see what birds have been lost and found, call the people and ask if they've listed on Bird HotLine, and if not, either give them the address or if they aren't internet connected post it for them. You folks that are here in San Diego...I'm already checking the Union Tribune...but there are several other papers in North and East Counties. I know that one North County one is internet connected also. Anyone in San Diego who wants to contact me to see if I've posted a bird is more than welcome to. I'm at (We don't want to post a bunch of duplicates and make Steve waste his time [No, no, no--we sure don't want to do that!] telling us that he already has the info) [To avoid duplicates, when you contact someone, ask them if anyone else from the Bird HotLine has contacted them already.] If you're trying to find out if a paper near you is internet connected. I'll be happy to help find out for you. If you have ICQ I can be contacted at #5346719. Valerie

Gina, our 11 year old Bird Patroller from Illinois, has this to say: I think the bird patrollers make a big difference not only on the bird hotline, but in their community. The bird patrollers keep down the population of lost birds in the area. I just wanted to thank the person who thought up the bird patrollers. [Your welcome--Bird HotLine] It is a great idea! It's fun and enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

On May 31 (the end of our 4th month) we added our 350th Bird Patroller. Her name is Christine Al-Qattan and the area she will cover is Kuwait. Our 14th country. Why do I keep picturing myself riding in a small boat in Disneyland singing "It's a small, small world."

Otis from the Phoenix area of Arizona suggests: Below is a copy of my 'signature' when working on various 'lists.' Other Patrollers might want to do something similar. [He puts his name, "Otis, aka 'The Old Buzzard" his aviary, "All American Aviaries" his email address, then: "To report LOST/STOLEN, FOUND BIRDS -"] Thanks Otis for another idea on how to get the word out.

We received a form for a new Bird Patroller. Jeanette put down as her area "My neighborhood." We wrote back and asked where her neighborhood was, expecting "Cleveland Ohio or Madison Wisconsin, etc." Here's what she wrote back: "Oops. So silly of me. My neighbourhood is Mayang Jaya in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia." Were we surprised! Jeanette is our first BP'er from Malaysia and we now are in 11 countries.

Our 5th bird is home. Check out the "I'm Home" page! Don't miss #18 on Vet Talk (it gives us goose bumps). And there are a couple more cute stories on the "Fun Bird Stories" page (Check out Judy's response to story # 9.)

Linda, one of our Bird Patrollers wanted you to know: Dreamworks is releasing a movie, Paulie, in April (release dates vary according to location). This movie is about a Blue-crowned Conure's attempt to find his original owner. This is really great from the point-of-view of making the public aware of the need to help lost birds find their families. Linda was concerned that there also may be a situation where people are bound to be enamored by the movie bird which is actually many Blue-crowns playing the same part. There is a nationwide campaign to have people contact their local theaters to arrange permission to hand out flyers, put up signs, etc. in order to educate the public. There are bound to be people who will run right out and buy a bird without having a clue as to the responsibility involved. They need to be informed that not all parrots will talk, they require vet care, they are messy, they are loud, they live a long time, etc., so that they can make an informed decision about bird ownership. New owners need to be educated about what to expect and the proper care required when taking on the responsibility of a bird. I will be posting my "Did You Know?" flyer for people to print out if they are interested in contributing to this campaign. You might want to pass out Bird HotLine Flyers also. Great way to get the word out!

"Seven" one of our very active Patrollers has a message for all of you:

Hi Patrollers,

I recently called a few newspapers in my patrol area (NYC-northern New Jersey) to tell them about the Bird HotLine...I started by using the press release that Steve and Sandy drew up, but to my pleasant surprise, they wanted more and more. As it turned out the reporter I've been dealing with is doing a whole number on it. She wanted picture also, so I got Steve to furnish those. She is also doing a story within a story on Micro Chipping birds. So if your hesitant about asking your local newspapers if their interested in a good human interest story to put in their paper, don't be, it's a great story and I'll bet they jump all over it. One reason why they'll be interested is the stolen bird aspect. You know how newspapers are, they look for the shady side of a story. Lets face it, crime sells papers. So, go ahead and call your paper. Steve and Sandy will be more than happy to furnish all the details (grin) Keep Up The Good Work Guys and Gals.

We just got a new BP'er in Cairo Egypt. That makes the 10th country. Also just posted our first lost bird in the Bahamas.

Looks like we may have another addition to our "Vet Talk." Won't tell you who yet! But it's good.

One of you great bird patrollers came up with a terrific idea. Periodically check out the newspaper classified section for lost or found birds. If you see any, call them up and tell them about the Bird HotLine. If they aren't on the internet offer to post the notice for them. Boy, will they appreciate you and we are a step closer to bringing a frightened little bird home. (You old timers--been a BP'er for over 30 days--already know about this and are doing it, and IT'S WORKING!--Thanks.)

One other thought: Don't limit yourselves to pet shops, etc. If you have a bulletin board at work or there's one in front of a store, let them know about the Bird HotLine too. Who knows who will read it and later find a bird and remember we are here for them. And another bird has a chance to find its way home.

Also, law enforcement is starting to get interested in our (that's you and us) site as a possible clearinghouse to look for stolen birds. So let your local police know about us. (One of our Patrollers said he was even able to cover up his own picture on the wall with the flyer--a win-win situation)

Those of you who are helping by posting to the chat groups, you are doing a great job! So many signers of the Guest Book are saying they found out about us through the chats. Most put in a "Thank you" to the person who posted the notice. Yea! And thanks to the many of you who offered. We had so many offers that we couldn't use all of you. But we kept your offer and we will notify you if there is something else special you can do.

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